Monday, September 1, 2008

Countdown to Merdeka in Bukit Bintang

It's my second time to witness the mass scale of countdown to Merdeka in Bukit Bintang. My first time was 3 years back in 2005. That time I was one of the representative for UTP participating in marching parade in Dataran Putra Jaya. I still remembered that we were not granted to get out of the hotel on the Merdeka eve. Despite that, we sneaked out. The process of hide-and-seek was so interesting! haha..

Well, let's talk back about 30th August 2008. We had our dinner at Pasar Tani after getting our bus tickets. Walking back to Bukit Bintang, there's a very talented artist drawing human portrait. Quite many people stopped by to have a look, so did we.

We got to Bukit Bintang at 11pm. The place had already been heated up. Like last time, there were extremely lots of people. The road has officially been closed down by the police. There was a concert. Everything was like it used to be, kind of Dejavu, nothing was really fresh but then I like the noise and energy of the crowd. The crowd was essentially teenagers. Best part of them are so-called lala. They just had so much fun spraying the bubble at each other. Say you sprayed me, I avanged. At times when they saw pretty chicks, they sprayed and the chicks sprayed back.
These kinda things lar. They reminded me of my school time playing chase-and-run. It's indeed fun! I actually wanted to join them but I was just out of the league. Anyway, me and Zhan Peng had fun too watching them.

On the other hand, the concert was ongoing until it stroke 12am, the firework finally lit to dark sky. It's like any other firework show, however part of the view was blocked by the sky scrapers. I had my nicest firework show back in my hometown when Siti Norhaliza came to Pangkor for new year countdown in 2004. After the firework, me and Zhan Peng walked off to meet up with the rest. To my huge surprise, the stage was given up for Eevon許慧欣, taiwanese pop female singer. I quickly rushed all the way to see her. We managed to come so close to the stage. Whao...She is incredibly fair and beautiful in her brown dress. Her feature is sharp. The emcees were playing with her on the ballet dance at which she is pro. She sang 3 songs. Afterward, even whao, it's潘瑋柏, taiwanes male pop + rap singer. He is damned smart and yen in his striking red shirt dancing along while singing. The female audience was so crazy about him. What the heck lar. Every little move came with loud screams! Done with singing, he was escorted back to hotel which is just behind the stage. We followed him up. Guess what...there were people who actually going after him despite of the securities. It's just like what reported in news, everything I gotta experience by myself, very interesting!

The countdown concert by Sungei Wang Plaza. It's free but it's fabulous

Check out:

This is the angle I am talking about. She steals all the guys.
Shit...I didn't have a camera with me. Dody, where the hell are you!!!

This the guy who steals all the girls...

Then, me and ZP searched around for Poppi, but couldn't find it. So we dropped by Star Bucks Cafe yamcha while enjoying the night scene of Bukit Bintang. The traffic was still busy at 2am, holly shit!

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