Monday, September 22, 2008


Malaysian government has pumped in as much as RM 10 million to fund a program training women as professional home managers. Expected to begin in November, the course will cover household management and the care of babies, children and the elderly.

Upon completing the program, she may get paid for RM 700 to RM 1,200 monthly according to Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen. In addition, Dr Ng said the training center offered an alternative income to an estimated three million "unemployed" housewives.

Common figures for employing a live-in domestic help:
An Indonesian is paid RM500 a month, while a Filipina charges not less than US$400 (RM1,200), while a local is paid about RM1,000.

more on the star , nst.

So, basically with first investment of RM 10 million to resolve huge unemployment, what do you think? The government finally does something which I feel quite reasonable! This is because the imported maids have been causing quite some issues not only to the society but themselves also face problems due to unfair treatment. Cases like domestic abuse, conflicts and even adulteries are often heard in regard to house maid. Some of them are deprived of their human right, being asked to work 24/7 and not provided with adequate basic necessities. Some maids even took revenge on the employers' children and eventually led to domestic tragedies. All these ain't fresh to us.

Instead of "house maid", house manager which sounds rather professional and high class I would say, they should perform a better tasks and they should also be better informed about the work ethics and their rights. Thus, the associated problems can be solved provided the program is a success.

p/s: wonder they accept guy ar. I haven't got my internship offer ler. Lol...


wenyee long said...

wow! really?! our goverment really wanna launching this programme? not bad programme oh.
i think some of the family need male house managers too, but...u r too dark d, they want small fair face..
but nvm, get try it for ur internship, maybe they ll approve u de..haha

Chemhoster said...

The program is in the midst of launching already. Very soon can get the house manager from market. Me ar, lol, i am so man, sure very hard to become a house manager lar!

But then still very tension about my internship lar...Hopefully before raya can get some companies offer! Otherwise, i will be sien for 8 months long. I am scared ler. haha...

Johnny Ong said...

u can call it 'domestic engineer' also