Sunday, September 7, 2008

Custom Top Gear

Had brunch in Kampar this afternoon. The lasak was very nice, not to say it is equally good as Penang lasak which by adding some heiko" - prawn paste, it become very tasty. The Kampar lasak, on the other hand tasted just right without any additive. We dropped by a confectionery shop for some mini egg tarts and kaya puff. They were very nice too!

Top Gear is an automotive review program.

As the title suggests, I actually would like to say about 2 cars which I spotted in Kampar. They appealed me lots. They are the newest Honda Accord and the newest Hyundai Sonata. Both of them were released early of 2008, but that's my first time seeing them with naked eye.

I thought it offers great sense of BMW 7 series. What do you think?

2008 Honda Accord has been ranked #1 among the Affordable Mid-size Cars.

Hyundai Sonata--stylish exterior, extremely cool

See what the experts say (specs and pricing):
2008 Hyundai Sonata
2008 Honda Accord
& more pic and specs

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