Sunday, August 31, 2008

1st ever Concert with Avril Lagvine

The monorail station at Bukit Bintang was so crowded. Most of the office people just "Ban Gang". On the Highway, thing was even worse, the cars were barely moving. Wouldn't it be torturing to survive in KL if this is the daily routine?
I was particularly fussed about congestion, because need to wait. I perspired whole my shirt and we missed few trains as there's no more vacancy at all. Anyway, there are 6 of us, going for the concert: ST, Kah Yee, Lai Yee, Dody, KH, me plus ZP who caught up with us in the stadium.

While walking our way to Stadium Merdeka, there were Hotlink booths distributing Avril's merchandise, provided we filled in a form. We managed to get Avril's posters and the "boom boom" sticks. nice!

Having gone through all the uncomforts, we finally got into the Stadium 7.30pm. The weather had gotta be kidding us. The lighting stroke and thounders blasted! I thought it would be a downpour and started to get worried. Arh...I didn't pay RM100 over for my FIRST concert in Rain. Most of the strategic seats were occupied. Therefore we could only settle ourselves at some distance from the stage. Luckily, the strong wind blew away the dark cloud though it drizzled for a short while before the concert started.

I like Avril's poster.

Mess as a resulf of drizzling! We got free rain coat

We got bored and sicked of waiting for Avril to be on stage before she appeared. It's almost 9pm. The concert was kicked off by an unknown artist singing "This Love" by Maroon Five. After that, Avril emerged. Everyone stayed no more chilled. Our zone was supposed to be free seating, but then everyone was standing.

Her dressing was rather simple and casual like any other of her concerts, which is T-shirt and Jeans. What in the heaven's name the bodoh said "she is too sexy"! Nonsense fellow, simply made issue!

Yea right, this is too sexy har! What do you think?

I was so amazed by the stage's effect. The lighting could actually project the scenes 100% similar to those in the video clips. It's really Dejavu, led me to my fantasy. Arh, the backdrop (human skull) was fantastic also. The primary color is striking pink. Topping up by Avril performance, I was almost melted, particularly when it came to my favorites like My happy ending, Complicated, Hot, When you're gone, Sk8er boy, Girlfriend, Innocent, Things I'll never say...etc. What else she did besides singing? Actually lots more, such as Avril's style's dancing and jumping, even kicking which were so entertaining to watch. Well, she is very gifted in instruments. She played guitar, piano, and even high level drum. She just blew my mind off. Furthermore, she was kinda playful commanding the audience. She wanted us to switch cheers and silence following her signals. Haha..naughty girl, so much adorable though! Overall, the concert was fabulous.

Avril was instructing the audiences to play along.
Her expression was so funny.
Her gesture was rock, She bent her legs and back.
After that, she sang "Sk8ter boy"

BUT THEN, the finishing part of the concert was kinda screwed up! First, we hadn't listened enough yet. It ended too fast l. Out of a sudden, I heard she said good night, I thought I was wrong, but then she ran off the stage. When it came to "We want more" session, the stadium spotlight was instantly switched on. Everyone got awakened from their deep fantasy. That's it. I was kinda keberated to leave...sigh...

The nonsense guy really screwed up things. If he were to shut up, the concert would be lots of rewarding! We, the audiences for sure can get more from Avril!


kahyee said...

i want all the photos tat we took in kl...........

Chemhoster said...

I have deleted some alr...If you want a full set, ask from Dody. Arh...I got a suggestion-->ask Dody to post all the pics onto his frienster then you go and download from there. Friendster should be work easier than email, i think.

Dody said...

cs, ur first concert is disney on ice at penang, back in 2006 =P.
i cant send all photos to ky, so slow wan my connection. 1 photo for 5 mins (excluding the sudden disconnection which i should resume the file sending again).

Chemhoster said...

That's musical show lar. Concert is different! Concert with Avril is even more exclusive! Get it right!!