Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim won the by election at Permatang Pauh

Winner's face!

Reformation of Malaysian Government is most probably underway with his triumph.
Check out: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601080&sid=aoHkJv20YXK4&refer=asia

He has been addressing around seeking for support based on 3 invincible points:

1. Lower the petrol price
2. Free Eduction
3. Equity among races.

He certainly is excellent at public speaking, joking around, yet able to pass the messages across effectively without even referring to any script. Looking it at the other angle, he may be distracting focus, or any sort of thinking about the logic behind his points. However, I am buying his stories, hoping that he will reform the corrupted government!

Talker's face

Malaysia is truly blessed with resources like petroleum & natural gas, plantation like palm oil and rubbers. In addition, it is located strategically, strategically to be developed as the hub of international business and tourism, strategically to be natural disaster free (but then currently climate is deteriorating). It has almost everything it take to promote as developed country and being recognized.The key of the key is what we are lacking of, a man who will carry out reformation. We need to move along with the international pace, not to stay static as Malaysia was once pretty famous in the history, long ago during Kegemilangan Kesultanan Melaka. We should be proud over it but not to dream on over it. Economic is dynamic, never ever preserve it! It's the law of jungle, either being strong and take the lead or slowly being gutted.

The world economic is going down, so is Malaysia economic which has been declining for an appreciable percentage. The national inflation hit its new peak! However, I can't understand one thing. Malaysia's economic is rather diversified. We are not just oil and gas oriented, but we do generate money from plantation, tourism, electronic stuffs, corporate sector...list goes on.
Don't you think that this diversification should be able to make the economic more sustainable, instead of being so vulnerable to external factors? kind of like how terrible is people, how terrible are we.

So, do we seriously need reformation?

Anwar Ibrahim has set 16th September to form his government. If so happen, what will Malaysia and its people be like post-16th September?
From bad to good or from bad to worse? People may say one thing and do otherwise. Well, I hope he keeps his promise as a man. At least, we are not gonna be very pathetic.


Shea Teng, Tan said...

hmm, i salute those who will bring words into action rather than cklps.
If he really can do 2/3 of what he has promised, then i'll respect him ,coz he will be the first man in my life who will act on what he mentioned rather than just talking cock, loudly.
Capable man does thing silently and efficiently and with huge positive impact.
For now, i'm waiting for the reformation.
sekian, (being forced by the owner to give comment)

Chemhoster said...

Words into action...Cool...That's what I do right? But then, If he seriously can do 2/3 of the talking, more sufficient!

废沦海 said...

Malaysians are fishes living in a muddy water. Without jumping out of the water, they will not know whether is there any other better place beside that pool of muddy water.

Same here, BN government had come to a stand still in everthing. Anwar is promoting a change.
His story is not necessary the answer to all the problems we are facing now but at least he give us a story of better tomorrow unlike BN which always cover its ass with childish bed time story and treat all of us like retarded kids.

Malaysia must have a prime minister, given the choices we have now, we cannot ask Tun Mahathir to take the post again. Abdullah had showed his capability. His son in law is pathetic. So, it leaves us 2 options, Najid who blows people with C4 or Anwar who is homo. Yes, both stories are yet to be judged by court. So, who do you want to put your stake on? C4 or Homo?

All in all, Malaysian doesn't want to see any single party to rule as dictator, all we wanted is to see 2 or more parties to compete and balance off each other and contribute to a competitive Malaysia politics with ever green new ideas and laws to solve problems in Malaysia and build a better tomorrow.

Melvin Tan Zi Hern 陈梓蘅 said...

He is always changing, based on what he says and how he acts.

Bet, he's changes not because of public's benefit.

Chemhoster said...

Walao, Kian, You are way better to describe what's going on! What's a commentator! C4 can hurt me but home can't, So should I go for the latter?
Honestly, I am sort of siding home side...not that I'm a fag!!

Dody said...

first of all, it is a good progress of true democracy in malaysia. the government from the people and by the people. that is the true democratic government has to be, unless a particular country is in the form of kingdom.

but honestly to say, with the current condition of malaysia like this (where most of the people say it has been so bad lately), my opinion says really different.

overall, malaysia is a good country with a good stability of politics and economy. msia is not facing a strong downturn like the one facing south korea, thailand & indonesia in 1998 east asia financial crisis. it is just that the world's oil price has increased, and it creates troublesome to world countries. truck drivers are stricking in europe. major world airline companies are tightening their budget for the sake of efficiency to overcome the increase of oil price.

the prime minister of malaysia has done to his best to take care of this country. it is just that he is in a so called "wrong time and wrong place". just bcos he felt asleep once or twice during meeting, doesnt mean that he becomes the world's only "sleeping prime minister".

at the same time, it is good to have same-level of opposition to the gov so that the work of the current gov can be improved. but sometimes what opposition can say is just the bad things the current gov are doing. "simply talking" is just easy la, esp during those campaign2 thingy. im not against the opposition. somehow i admire the oppositionist as well. but sometimes people can simply say when they are out of the system. when they are in the system, then only they found out that things are not as easy as they thought. then only they will try to make some adjustments from what they said during their campaign time. this is the time where the citizens start not to trust the leader anymore.

try to be more logical in this so called "world controlled by brains, not muscle". the current president of taiwan i believe is a trully smart guy. that's after the KMT take over taiwan again, improvement with mainland china has grown rapidly. they dont need people who can just simply talk "free taiwan", or even into other extend "free tibet, xinjiang, inner mongolia, ningxia", or maybe one day we will hear people include oso "hk & macau".

what malaysia needs now is reformation. yeah, it is true, bcos msia is declining after their peak performance under dr M. but ups and downs are inevitable part of a country.

Chemhoster said...

Dody, such a long post, though you're being neutral!

It's people nature being greedy and always want more! We want progress rather than decline.

You were saying ups and downs are unavoidable. But then down by how much we can tolerate with. I did mention about the law of jungle. Malaysia is still considered good in South East Asia region, what if one day people can no longer recognize us as we are nobody already. Imagine, how much effort and investments have been put in the raise a country. At this point of time, our resources are still available, what if one day these resources are depleted? With this kinda mentality, are we actually able to rebuild the country? If that's the case, how many decades will it take? and also, during the down period, how miserable will the people be?

The situation of keep declining which makes us marginalized is really disastrous and miserable. Reformation is certainly needed. We certainly need a wise leader for it, One looks globally, does locally, One who strikes balance in all form, One who is capable to optimize the country's resources, including the human resource.

废沦海 said...

First of all, Malaysia is really doing great in democracy lately. Before this, Malaysia was in the form of kingdom. Did I say "Kingdom"? Yes, kingdom by BN government with UMNO as the King. How many years has Malaysia independent? How many years has BN ruled? Enough is enough, not even Microsoft can monopolize the software industry! So do BN!

The democratic progress in Malaysia lately does not fall from the sky by itself! Opposition parties has put in much effort in making it a reality. Yes, I admit that this is not the main factor; the main factor is the economy lately and also piles of problems in social and politics since independence.

I know that BN government cannot do much when the whole world is in economy trouble but please can they please not to send a dentist to space as tourist at this critical time?

Can they please don't buy "Special Ink" for the last general election and didn't use them?

Can they please not to build Crystal Mosque that has no use at all what so ever at this critical time?

Can they ask the minister in Terengganu to not drive Merz at this critical time?

Can they explain to us why are the roads always cracking?

The parliament building is always leaking water?

KL is always flood when rain comes despite the "Smart Tunnel"?

Proton is loosing money?

MAS is loosing money?

Non-bumi's elite students have limited higher education chance and be grabbed by Singapore?

Did they ask Zakaria to stop building his palace?
Why was Zakaria so rich?

Can they ask Sammy to stop saying "This is not my problem!"? Luckily, with the help of democracy, Sammy is no more! Huhu...

Lastly, can you ask Pak Lah not to sleep? Yes, he is not the only one but we don't want!

As you can see, how muddy is the water that we as the Malaysian Fishes are living in?

All in all, I can only say that Malaysian are all gamble people. This time we put all our stakes in one side. Yes, we don't know that whether is this a right choice but we all know the old good another side is not profitable anymore. We want a balance, competitive, contributing, brilliant and honorable politics system!

At last, I think a chemical formula can precisely explain what is happening in Malaysia:

Piles of Social problems + Piles of Political problems -->Heated with Economic crisis = Revolution

We simply don't have much resources to be wasted and wait until the right solution to come and solve all our problems due to the ever threatening world wide economic crisis.

We cannot compare our nation to South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam or other Southeast Asian countries. They got hit in the face real bad once before but they didn't hide. They solved their crisis and now their economy is hiking. If we keep on comparing to them and sweep our problems under the carpet, soon enough, "Boom" and we are all dead before we know.

I don't think PM is in the "wrong time wrong place". I think he is in the "right time, right place and even the right attitude"! The right time to hand over the power. The right time to fall. The right time to see Malaysia evolve.

The opposition side had always been denied the right to rule. This time, they can learn to rule a government. They have been talking too long. This time, they get some hands-on experience. Do they have the capability to rule as government? I don't know. Given the current situation of many politicians jumping from one side to another, I am confident that with joint cooperation among politicians from both sides, and new expertise and experienced government officers acquired, Malaysia politics revolution is coming to a bright future.

Up and down is normal. So, let's make it an "Up"!

Sorry, Dody and BN, it's nothing personal, it's just Good Business.

phingy said...

heyz, thanks for your comment ;)

This country is facing leadership crisis. our current PM seems incapable of convincing his own party members, or solving our daily problems.

forget about bringing our country forward.

We need a new leader and a change of mentality.

废沦海 said...

eh, phingy, how did u find out about this blog de? Whiz-Kid forced u to comment too?

Chemhoster said...

Hey, Fei Lun Hai(Kian), I found her blog somewhere and I was attracted by the topic. Pay a visit to her blog as well.

Anyway, it's good to hear the voices from wide range of people, rather than bounded within friends, so that we can get more accurate and thorough view of this issue.

If can, spread it around. Anyone who has so much dissatisfaction about the government, and finds nowhere to bombard them, come to me. I will showcase your words!

Leadership crisis,if left unsolved, Malaysia will forever and more and more pathetic over time.

Anyhow, I hope Anwar is the type of person who upholds the principle "action speaks louder than words", by all means, we will thrive! For that, I will wish him all the best!

Wen Kiat said...


Hahahaha, it's really good to know that everyone is so interested about the on-goings in our country. Keep it up everyone, he he he and yeah, it's pretty much the same here in Singapore, where we even held celebrations on March the 9th after a sleepless Match the 8th this year.

But yeah, the majority is pretty much expected anyway but we should nevertheless be vigilant that there are indeed allegations going on about phantom voters, veteran voters of at least 5 elections not able to find their names and also on vote buying.

Apparently, government resources had been exploited as well with the FT Mosque implicated as well in the highly dubious Sodomy II allegation. There were even news of helicopters hovering around Anwar's ceramahs in Permatang Pauh and in fact since most of the BN politicians were probably there on the citizens' expenses. We must always be aware that the government's money belongs to us, the people (aka...taxpayers) and that no party, either the BN nor PR should ever dream of touching a single sen of the rakyat's money.

And to end this comment, just let me reiterate that there are times where no change would mean no harm and continued prosperity. But these are the times, where no change will only condemn us to eternal darkness!! We need to rise to the occasion and yes, unite as one people regardless of race and religion. Remember that we are polarized today due to the educational system and governmental policies. We are all Malaysians hoping for a better future together, nothing more, nothing less and it is our generation that must step up and be counted!! So for that, REFORMASI!!!

Remember, it's not whether we trust Anwar or not. Anwar is a secondary issue. We are now looking at the survival of our nation. And we are clearly certain that continued years of sodomizing of the rakyat and the racist policies of BN will only do us all harm and little good (oklar, maybe to UMNOPutras and some running dogs, which we probably know who). Hence, my friends, do look beyond this man we name Anwar and try to look at the bigger picture. Change has to come or we will be doomed, but is Anwar the solution? Time will tell, but time will never wait for Malaysia and this is the time.

Chemhoster said...

Macha...can get you to leave a comment here, very nice!

Indeed you are so right, time is everything now.

It's either now or never, meaning to say that having few tsunamic victories against BN,the morale of Pakatan Rakyat is booming and terrific. This point of time will definitely be the key to Malaysia future for reformation. When else if it is not happening soon after. We have gotta make sure that this particular golden chance is not slipping off.

Also, is Anwar as accountable as he always sounds like? Time will tell.

Malaysia Boleh...haha..

Cheryl-Jiaween said...

Great to see enthusiasm in uni students! Cherish your rights when you have the power to vote; if you still haven't reach 21, enjoy voting in ur campus election like what I did last time. You'll see true faces of the students council and who are the cowards.