Thursday, August 28, 2008

Being fooled as class rep

Class rep, sounds good right? Actually not!

I supposed it's class "Little Man" as that within the computer space who will do the sending and transferring of data from location to location. It's a mere pathetic name. Why?

I had Chemical Process Control and Dynamic (CPDC) class just now. It was the first time the coordinator officially took over the class. It is a 4 credit hours course, yet I am 4 chapters behind the lecturer. Well, at least she gives me a little hope so that I am gonna be under Consequence Management (CM) for CGPA below 2.5. Btw, Kenneth was suggested BM (bonus management) for CGPA above 3.5. haha...

Anyway, the class was asked to fill in the evaluation form for the past lecturer, Dr Yiao Min from Myanmar, by whom I was so deeply impressed! It would be "beyond words" to comment on him!

The coordinator was looking for class rep. Expectedly, Melvin was mentioned. I looked around. For heaven's sake, he wasn't in. Conveniently, the gang called out "Pangkor!" The coordinator didn't catch it well at first. She said: "Mangkuk?". What in heaven's name that Pangkor becomes Mangkuk! Such a goddamn listening! I raised white flag! Anyway, I just buat bodoh, as I know it well that it will take lots of trouble which I scare most! Ngah Di, they all pointed their fingers to me! I was after that screwed and became the official class rep! Guess what I gotta do? I was asked to collect the filled evaluation forms and send them to ACS, as expected. I particularly hate to run errands for things like this. Honestly, I was very pissed, but of course I was not gonna show it. Instead, I smiled! Deep inside my heart, don't know how many times of Ngah Di I have repeated!

So, after class, I was kinda set up. I talked to someone: "I'm so sucked by that until I bleed out!". The coordinator was so happened to appear in front of me. Siu lol...

After that, I walked all the way from Pocket D to ACS and then walked all the way to bank. Luckily I bumped into KK and had a ride back to room. Or else, I would have to walk all the way from bank to room.

Fellow friends, please lar, this is the last time you call out my name for matter like this!
I can smile to you face, piss you in the heart.Although I am forgetful, this will implant in my subconscious! I don't wish to make you being fooled like this. Bu then, if you are seriously so interested to fool me, bring it on provided be more creative please!
Note: Joking tone, but get my message pls.

Melvin, pls lar, be more punctual, Don't ever practice "Be in Rome, do as Roman", Malaysian clock is Ngah Di lar...Be more self discipline, or else I'll receive bad consequence! haha..


Melvin Tan Zi Hern 陈梓蘅 said...

Well, thanks for replacing me. But to say that I was not purposely late. I met my SV until 2 something.

By the way, Congrats to "mangkuk" as the rep for our CPDC class!
(Now you know how I felt when you all called me out as rep for previous subjects, wakaka ...)

Chemhoster said...

hahaha...Melvin, I would like to correct you. You're actually meant to be the Little Man were meeting with your SV. But next time, pls arrange your meeting earlier so that I don't have to back you up again. :)

And now, the baton (Ketua Kelas) is officially passed over.

I am just making joke.

haha...Let's suggest other people lar next time around. I team with you!