Thursday, August 14, 2008

So, he's actually cool

I had Transport Phenomena tutorial this morning.

It's 8am-10am.
I woke up at 8.15am, intentionally.

I reached there at 8.40am.
Yet, I arrived before the tutor.
Technically I wasn't late.

The tutor is an Egyptian.
We barely get to know him.
He started by writing down the answers on the white board.
And he kept on writing.

Whilst copying down the answer, I was chatting around.
Out of the blue, he burst out getting onto his nerves.
Well, I was laughing.
Well, my laughter was kinda ridiculous but it's very soft.
He looked at me in particular, said:
This is a tutorial class. I can give you space to discuss but you don't have to chat nor laugh...
Well, somehow I was wrong. I took it.

So, that's the onset of his anger.

Soon afterward, he asked all of us to stop writing
as he wanted to do some speech and valuable advices regarding the course.
Perhaps he was a bit cool alr.
But then my dear bro, Mr B just kept on writing & didn't bother about him.

So, he was set up further.

He left the talking, and continued writing down the answer.
He was having a terrible running nose,
as we could hear he was blowing little trumpet.

Out of the blue again, my phone rang up for message.
He was over reacting that he asked me to switch off my phone.
Come on man, this is not finals..."chilled"
Well, I was obedient to him about this.

Soon later, it's 9.10am. Mr B was having class at 9am.
So he left the class, without even asking for permission nor informing Mr tutor.

So, he got pissed for the third time.
He took the attendance list and canceled Mr B's name.

Having tested the "chili", we behaved cool
which reminded me of my school age.
I got scolded pretty often as:
I talk too much, left my seat and roomed around,
buat kacua & bully, a little of vandalism.
( Haha..that's what I used to be.
You may say that I was piece of crap but I had so much fun. )

So, we copied the answers quietly.
For heaven sake, out of the blue, he got cheered up.
He made his talking and explain the importance of the course & where to focus.
which to me, it means big.

My impression for him changed.
Previously, I thought he was just a mad something (cow)...
but then he is actually pretty cool.
So, he is making better sense to me.

At the end, we even went to him, consulting about the
Chemical Process Dynamic & Control (CPDC) report on Pressure Control.
I have to say that he is very knowledgeable.
At least he solved my headache on doing the discussion for the result,
which I need to comment about Proportional Control, Proportional & Integral Control,
Proportional, Integral & Derivative Control
I am suck about these.

So, he does gain my respect in the end.

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