Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's Annual General Meeting
Society Of Petroleum Engineers UTP Student Chapter

There's a nomination for forming of new "Runners" for the Club.
So, it's been quite some time to settle this nomination
Undeniably, "Stars Search" can be pretty time consuming,
Need to put the right person in the right post...
Honestly speaking, it did take into little sense of bias of any form.

But then, it can actually be prompted fast
provided we all are actually concerned
(Kinda give a damn)
This is vital so that early plans can be drawn

Anyhow, it's got a little bit lagging
Perhaps it don't a matter (Akon) either

"Bias at the edge of Professionalism"
Which means that the nomination is still pretty much performance-oriented
Well, We need assurance on the efficiency and competence of club is kept shooting up

Some words from my ETP sv:
"Some people who are quiet but they are the ones who get things done"
"Some just empty vessel who makes most noise"

So, Tay, you're eventually confirmed....
[Kai Wan Xiao Meh]*[infinite time]
Congrats Mr President...

Have faith in you that you're gonna do it better...
You know the ways...Just a matter of execution...
All the best!!

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