Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just another let-down

It comes to me so much appalling.

Check this out!!

This was he in the past!

Along with basketball player Yao Ming, Liu is China's favourite sportsman.
There was a huge weight of expectation on him to repeat his triumph of Athens in 2004,
when he became his country's first male Olympic champion on the track.

Presently, Man, it's hurt!

The defending champion, Liu Xiang dropped out of the 110m hurdles in Beijing Olympics 2008.

China's world champion, the host nation's best hope of an athletics gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, pulled up after a false start. As he came up to the first hurdle, Liu winced then hobbled down the tunnel to leave the Bird's Nest stadium in stunned silence.

Liu had suffered a hamstring injury in May,
causing him to withdraw from the New York grand prix.
It was a new injury that troubled him today though,
a combination of damage to the Achilles tendon of his right leg and a bone spur on his ankle.
Liu's right foot is his take-off foot, meaning the ankle joint comes under enormous pressure.

Well, being a Chinese, he has my pride.
His withdrawal is definitely a big disappointment for me!!!

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