Thursday, August 21, 2008

Believe it or not?

Well, about the ban on someone's best damned concert, I had a new thought.

This is my professional speculations.

So this fellow proposed to ban concert. His proposal based upon nationalism, social morality & Islamic view.

But then observe carefully:

1. He has actually created local commotion. Well, the issue to me it's unnecessary! So he got the free publication and publicity. Everyone knows him by now. Freaking smart in fact.

2. The concert organizer has already put in so much money to promote the concert. To top that,
do you think the operational cost is little? What about the contracts, stage arrangements,
booking fees? Apparently, the amount is huge. More importantly, the money spent is
irretrievable. So, regardless what it takes, the organizer will make sure the show is up!

So, isn't there is a great opportunity when someone can actually take a huge bung (bribe) and then shut up.

There's a pretty nice movie [Definite.Maybe]....That's what I am speculating? Don't rule out any possibility!

Whao...What a smart sss on earth! Freaking opportunist!

Would you buy me? Or you wanna get bloody conned? Perhaps also this fellow is out of sincerity and truthfulness.

So the proverb suggests->"There's a prawn behind a stone".

May as well, there's a conspiracy going on:
The ministry decided that they'd like to give Anwar the upper hand by frustrating many youngsters' hopes of seeing Avril, whom in return will direct their anger towards the federal government, hence creating a lot of emo votes for Anwar. For all you know Anwar brokered a deal with Shafie a couple nights before to cancel Avril's concert just to get votes.

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