Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"PRESS" Release

"Press" release-->It's not breaking news as what i meant.

Well,the pressure is getting overwhelmed.
Man, this is third week.
And there're 7 commitments on the list.

ETP (Engineering Team Project)
(need to buy a LifeStraw oversea & Fabrication of prototype)

Professional Communication Skill
(Poster presentation on next Monday)

Assignment & Chemical Process Dynamic & Control Lab Report
(doing discusion--I'm dead for it)

Internship Application

Quiz should be around...yet, I haven't look into notes or any equivalence!!!
What's a Big joke!!!

Basketball league: This and next weekend
Convofair Treasure Hunt: This Saturday
Avril Lagvine's best damned concert 29th August
Merdeka Countdown

(But then, I gotta bleed so much for little fun-->So it's another woe)

Huh...This is even more Killing to me.
Cell phone is broken.
Need to get a new one.

I like something Cheap, Good Looking, Functional.
Sony Errison will be preferable.
Any suggestion???

Well, full capacity this week.
Seriously gotta contemplate about time management.
Next week Must Kick Start Catching Up with Lectures...

Move on man!! As well, Dream On...

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