Sunday, August 17, 2008

Reporting the Olympics 2008

When the world # 2 (Lee Chong Wei) vs the world # 1 (Ling Dan):

Despite the ranking which differs by only 1, the game points: (1st set 21-12 ; 2nd set 21 - 9)

The only hope for Malaysian to grab an Olympic gold medal is entirely gone.

Well, I'm totally not happy over it. However, I would have to say how unbelievable was Ling Dan.
(freaking fast, sharp to the corners, horribly powerful jumping smash and excellent control of the game)

More Remarkably: The man of the game --> Michael Phelp, who won 8 gold medals in the aquarium by setting new Olympic records in 7 of them!

There the list goes:
1) 100-meter butterfly; 2) 400 freestyle relay; 3) 400 individual medley; 4) 200 butterfly;
5) 200 freestyle; 6) 200 individual medley; 7) 800 freestyle relay; 8) 400 medley relay

Another exciting event to me personally: 100m
When it comes to Olympic sprints, nobody does it better than the Jamaicans.
(Jamaica's Usain Bolt won when he hot-dogged to the finish in 9.69 seconds, thereby overwrote the past record of 9.81 seconds)

Well, my record was just 13.02 seconds. I can't help imagine how furious is he!!!

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