Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend In Ipoh

Yea...another Ipoh trip on Saturday night.

UTP 11th convocation is underway. 2 of my Intern friends, Zhan Peng & Shea Teng paid a visit again. I cracked my head trying to find a sound reason why they wanna come back to this merryland, but I couldn't get the answer. They told me that internship is way worse and boring than UTP's life. Paradoxically, they told me as well there are lot of beauties and cuties out there. But then, they like to come back. Perhaps they are lacking of companion at work. I, personally am so looking forward for my internship which is gonna be this December. Well, I wish later on I won't tell you that it sucks!

So, 7pm we set off to Ipoh. I was so exhausted. Last night I slept at 4am. Then I barely had nap this afternoon rushing my ETP progress report and I went for badminton in the evening. We went to a pretty fancy restaurant, Citrous, Ipoh Timur I guess. The interior design of the restaurant is good. The lighting projects sense of romance. But then the furniture (tables & chairs) just spoils the atmosphere. I mean they should have opted for better ones, something that suits better. Also, I think they should session the dining place for privacy lar... Talking about the menu, there isn't really a wide variety of choices. The pricing apparently amazed me. I asked for Chicken grill "something" costing me RM19. It tasted Ok. But Shea Teng's one, Chicken Grill Lemon Grass tasted more delicious. Arh...I asked for a superb dessert with a name which I barely recall but the price I hardly forget, which RM 18, almost the price of a Baskin Robin. Perhaps I was a bit impulsive. Zhan Peng asked for Banana Split at RM 9.00. Brutal honest, mine worth better because it's something special, rather than just ice cream and banana, right?

Citrous Ipoh is not a Hei Dian (Dark Shop), but then the environment is so dim. The following pics were taken with flashlight on. So, imagine how dim the place is!

The dessert that enabled me to crap much!
What's it actually?
Got hot wafer within which got chocolate sauce. This one tastes the best.
The yellow cake which looks like yard is a Cheese Cake.
A Vanilla Ice cream on top of an unknown cake, which tastes nothing special!

It's the decoration costs me RM18, NOT the dessert.
After that, me and Shea Teng destroyed everything to the ground.

We hanged around at the restaurant until 10pm. Supposedly, Ang Khian and some other fellows be be arriving in Ipoh that we are gonna "play". However, they FFK--Fong Fei Kei, giving the excuse of heavy downpour. Omg, kinda wet blanket. Alright, fine! I was moodless alr. Between movie and Sincero Club, we chose the latter.

Sincero was so freaking crowded. Chinese were all around! We sat at a place so close to the speaker that my hearts virtually got blasted off by it.

Frankly speaking, I seldom go clubbing though my appearance suggests otherwise. I used to talk to people that I rarely go to a club, they won't buy me, not at all. Crescentia & Jia Lin, they said no way! Anyway, it's my first time in Sincero.

Plus point-->crowded, happening, of course eye cleansing, (you know what i am supposed to mean). Minus Point--> the flow was kinda messy, messier than Rums and also too smoky that I almost flushed my eyes, and the musics played weren't of my favorite. Erm...I would say Rums is nicer than Sincero.

An unexpected drop-by at Sincero! See how we dressed, then you know!!

Spotted.Chong Kian was in!!
Interns can really change people har...

We set back UTP at 1am. Another weekend is gone without books! Stressful!!

Arh..comment a little bit how terribly my room was exploited last night!

My room has been kinda chaos. Even our shoes we bring in because there's a hidden shoes robber here! (I used to loss two pairs of slippers, while Kee Hui lost his Addidas sport shoes)
In order to clear some space, I need to dumped everything into the wardrobe. What's a maximization technique!
ZP slept with me. Sweat...single bed but 2 guys! Pathetic, isn't it? But what to do! Kee Hui slept with his legs wide open on his bed. An unexpected guest, Chong Kian was sleeping on the floor. Fyi, ZP was sleeping on the floor the other way also...So, I would make it a rule that anyone who wanna come and stay overnight in my room, for the very first time, on the floor!! ...

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