Thursday, August 21, 2008

Avril's Concert is back on

Well.well.well.I'm not sure how accurate am I, but things I mentioned is happening!!

Let's check this out!!

(I was updated by Shea Teng)/1593264/200808

Which means as well the society is virtually corrupted! Good for us isn't it? At minimum rate, I got to see Avril on 29th.

So, let's preach Avril! "When you're gone, pieces of my heart is missing you..."

Wondering how many bales of gold that smartie has gained!
Sigh...sinful earning...Be generous in donation for good cause for cleansing! hand phone is broken! Not only that, my bike is dead as well, may be is out of battery!

Why am I receiving bad luck?... :)

Anyway, I'm chilled!

Btw, next's up is the by-election on 26th Aug. I dun wanna be the "Wu Ya Zui" la.

Shall Malaysian Government Reformat?


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