Monday, August 11, 2008

Go Green

Just did my PCS poster presentation. It's a group presentation.
We did get pretty good mark, but I just wish could do better.
Will give concerted effort in the next presentation,
more importantly (Be More Relax)

The poster, costs RM25 for printing!!!

I'm a GREEN fellow. So we went with this topic.
It's for solving the climate change and energy security issues.

I truly hope that the technology of renewable energy like solar, wind, tidal...etc can breakthrough as soon as possible.
Thus wipe out the fossil fuel energy economy,
particularly in power generation & transportation sectors.
I can't stand any further with the sudden outbreak of heatwave.

People get perspired like hell without working out.
Get dehydrated and get sicked.
It's not deadly, but it's indeed pathetic and it's intolerable.

Apparently global warming is a hot topic...
Everyone is very well informed
Do your the globe.
"Reduce burning of hydrocarbon" & "make more trees"

Few days ago, i attended a talk by an incredible guest,
(a Professor from Princeton University)
He presented a proposal for controlling the global warming
"using carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) essentially at coal power plants"
in addition to geological storage (depleted reservoirs)

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