Friday, August 15, 2008

Hoop-ers yeah!!

Hoop-ers Yeah Yeah Yeah...

It's about UTP Basketball League.
Just finished our final match!!

There were only 5 Hoop-ers turned up.
Which means that no one could have a break during the 28min match!
Honestly, we were all physically exhausted, not even when the match finished.
My leg was at the edge of spasm.
Can't really make a damned bounce!

One good remark is that I learned to play with brain.
Instead of just going with the flow which I used to do.

The matches made me grow!!

Hoop-ers of the day:
Kha Loon, Chin, Chee Seng, Charles & Me

I didn't actually score a point!! Just pushed the game all time...Anyway, I love doing so!

Happy Ending:
"won by 3 point margin"

Well...We lost in the past three matches.
but from there, we get evolved!


Charles Tan said...

hahah.. nvm, u didnt score bcz u were handling the ball and pass around, assisting teamates to score. u're the playmaker! hehe we all improved la.. too bad that's the last game edi. am sure we'll get better and better if got a 2nd round league! X)

Chemhoster said...

Thanks man, you score lots points...If not you, we may not go anywhere also...'s nice to play with you all.

sOuR said...

Hey.. good game and well done.. can see all of u were exhausted, but u all still can make it to the very last second.. hehe..
proud to be Hoop's supporter :-P

Chemhoster said...

Ya...Previously,I never played full time, but last game no choice. Despite that, we can still win, very lucky!!!
Thanks anyway...