Monday, August 11, 2008

A Journey To West

Last Saturday, The "Final Shot" went for Treasure Hunt by Convofair 08. It's made up of 4 legends: Shea Teng, Zhan Peng, Kee Hui & Me.

Thousand miles starts with a single step. But, don't keep us waiting too long...Ruin our mood

We were very close to RM1300, which is 10 times our participation fee, but we got back empty-handed. Probably we were the 11th as the top 10 would at least get a hamper.

Anyway, we had to travel approximately 200km hunting the treasures. Here is the route:

UTP -->Kellie's Castle --> Taman Herba, Simpang Pulai -->Kampar --> Gua Tempurung -->Tapah Recreation Area --> Kampung Gajah, Teluk Intan --> Kompleks Tuntung, Bota --> UTP.

It's a sheer fun! We performed some stunts.

We dropped by Kellie's Castle, a haunted place, but we tak jumpa any weird stuff pun. We went to the top roof of the building. It's as tall as 4-5 storeys. The area is unfenced. Our legs were shaking up there. We can bird view a dull scene, just plantation. Then we played some snapshots.

Haunted Castle.

Height fright..."Kah Niu"

Look of a tomorrow engineer!

Claim to own the whole sky! Own the whole world!

Rear site of the castle

Berlagak like Nicolas Cage, (the Main Actor for National Treasure)...Please la!

Done tracking down the treasure! Blah...

At Gua Tempurung, I swallowed a raw egg yolk, so much nauseating! ZP was eating something which made him almost crying out his eye. KH shot down a can with rubber bend & paper (bullet) thus scoring 10 points.

Plenty of fun when doing activity at Tapah Recreation Area. We had to cross a river which freaking refreshing. I accidentally slipped over, wet my lower part of body. We contained water with plastic bags and played a "blindfold throw and catch".

Partial of the journey, KH was so deeply fallen into his sleep. Despite Knocking at the window for several times, he get unawakened. What a bugger!! I did sleep "a little bit" also, Beh Tahan!!

Talking about the "treasures" which were actually some puzzles which we need to guess and buy them.
1. Ultraman's arch enemy whose headquarter is at an island in Malaysia: Mummy Monster
2. Dua orang kembar sedang memancing dari atas kapal dengan memberi makan udang sebagi tambahan makan malam: Double Decker Bus Prawn snack
3. Emas panggil Tulang: Marigold Milk
4. Polar bear * ... :Fresh & white toothpaste.

2 more treasures, unfortunately we hit 4/6. Each costs us 20 points. Rugi Teruk!!!

After all, we did lost but we had fun....Quote by Terminator III: Sure be Back!!

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